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Corporate Overview

CCCS International prides itself on quality craftsmanship. Our goal is to deliver your project on time every time under budget. Self-performance inherently drives the schedule for building enclosure and enhances quality control. By employing these key craft trades, CCCS International will be able to reduce the time it takes to complete the project.

CCCS International has the ability to self-perform the following craft trades:

  • Concrete work
  • Rough carpentry
  • Finish carpentry
  • Masonry and stone work
  • Steel erection
  • Precast concrete panel erection
  • Plumbing and/or Mechanical
  • Electrical

CCCS International masonry has been recognized as some of the best in the industry. Our craftspeople bring an average of 20 years of experience to a project. It is important to note, that CCCS International holds our self-perform work crews to the same high expectations that apply to any subcontractor utilized on this project.

Our goal is to provide our clients with diversity of project experience and a well-rounded approach to construction and related services delivery. CCCS International has built its staff to include all architectural and engineering disciplines (mechanical, electrical, structural, civil, and process), cost controls, scheduling, CAD specialist and financial specialists. Our in-house staff is an invaluable resource for brainstorming, problem-solving and objective consultation. We support our staff with systems such as Primavera SureTrak for scheduling, Timberline Estimating, AutoCAD and a nationally linked network of communication systems.

From the conceptual stage through project closeout, your concerns, questions and suggestions are of utmost importance; our goal is a project of which we can all be proud. In the final analysis, when we finish a project we leave our name and reputation behind.

Our Vision Statement
CCCS International will improve and build our core competencies of construction and construction management and will evolve as a leader in providing value added services to our customers.

Our Mission Statement
Our goal is to be a business, which is committed to meet the expectations of our customers and shareholders by providing successful solutions and financial stability.

Our Value Statement
Honesty, fairness, hard work, performance and the love for what we do are what we value.


In our 33 plus years of successful project delivery, we have gained the experience and understanding of the importance of developing positive, strong relationships.

The true test of team strength is in performing the day-to-day activities, especially when the difficult decisions and critical issues surface. We pride ourselves in establishing relationships that weather these tests.

As a corporation, we have completed millions of dollars worth of projects in continuous operating environments such as hospitals, schools, corporate offices, prison, churches, airports and manufacturing facilities. The best surprise during project execution is no surprise at all. We have developed processes and procedures to avoid disruption where at all possible and, in those instances where ongoing operations will be affected, to communicate and prepare to prevent the unexpected.

We are confident the CCCS International method of project delivery will provide you with the highest level of satisfaction possible as we work to further a strong and positive relationship.

We’re looking forward to working with you on your next project.


Calvin Whitfield
President / CEO
CCCS International

Construction Integrated Design

CCCS International prides itself on quality craftsmanship. It is our policy to provide the best value to our customer. Self-performance inherently drives the schedule for building enclosure and enhances quality control. By employing these key craft trades, CCCS International will be able to reduce the time it takes to complete the work thereby reducing the cost to the Owner.


  • Not just “Fastrack”
  • Overlaps sequential processed
    Integrates construction expertise into design process
  • Coordinates phasing between design construction
  • Requires early involvement by construction entity in design process


  • Reduces total project cost (engineering and construction)
  • Speed to market

With a successful project history dating back to 2008, CCCS International has developed an in-house team of experienced design professionals.

CCCS International has developed an innovative design approach, Construction Integrated Design, focused on speed of delivery with the best value at the lowest possible total cost. Through design development, preparation of plans, specifications and construction drawings, government approvals and construction administration, CCCS International provides you with seamless service. Our expertise, coupled with practical field knowledge will ensure your project’s success.

Project Approach
CCCS International promotes a construction integrated design approach to all our projects.

  • Our focus is on Owner goals and how to best accomplish those goals considering the overall process, design, construction, start up and maintenance.
  • Integrating Design-Build teams where appropriate.
  • Planning, development, design support, design management, design-build, specification and procurement support, are all examples of elements of a project execution plan CCCS International will typically be responsible for.
  • CCCS International design staff averages over 22 years experience representing all disciplines: architectural, civil-structural, mechanical/piping, power and controls.
  • CCCS International utilizes efficient CAD and Electronic Document Control systems for our projects.
  • CCCS International has experience utilizing a variety of project delivery approaches.

Delivering Results for Our Client’s Future
Our design and construction experience helps to evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of a design relative to the construction process.

  • Issues of effective design, practical construction techniques, design scheduling to facilitate and optimize construction progress and safety are all addressed as part of the process.
  • Overall, this will result in project goals and function being met with the best value at the lowest possible total cost and fastest time to market.
  • Experience and knowledge of overall project dynamics allows for complete control of schedule and expediting for optimum results.
  • Benefits include minimization of rework, design development based upon construction activity phasing, material selection incorporating both delivery and construction efficiencies, and team building as opposed to fault-finding.
  • CCCS International competent resource are capable of addressing and resolving specific design issues
  • Directing designs in alignment with overall budgets
  • Effective project management results in effective overall project communication.
  • With the skills needed to work with and manage multiple combinations of owner –vendor – design builder – project teams, CCCS International can provide the optimum project approach.

Ask a CCCS Representative for more details regarding our unique process.

Letters of Support

“[CCCS] was a key factor in preparing a proposal that resulted in the awarding of a $17,000,000.00 multi-family project in Mooresville, North Carolina for our company.”

Larry F. Sagehorn

President, Sagehorn & Company, Inc.

“I have had a rewarding experience working with Mr. Calvin Whitfield and The Team at CCCS International for more than eight years and would relish the opportunity in the future. He has demonstrated the utmost in professionalism and dedication to achieve set goals.”

Ronald E. Casselberry

President, Kassell's of Chicago

“We have found [CCCS] to be a good business partner, and [Mr. Whitfield] is very consciencious in his dealings with clients and consultants alike.”

Kirk R. Richards

Vice President, CRG Engineering, Inc.

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