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  • ISAF Heliport Pad | Kabul, Afghanistan
    Located in Kabul Afghanistan for a ISAF Heliport Pad this was a GTZ project for the design and construction of a complete hanger, foundations, apron and taxiway and a Passengers Building for Kabul International Airport this project involved the renovation of the customs and passenger facilities with design and master panning.
  • Bridge | Tajikistan, Afghanistan
    The Tajikistan Afghanistan Bridge located in Afghanistan. This project we provided design engineering, surveying and geotechnical services as we worked with Baker Engineering on this bridge for the U.S. Corps of Engineers.
  • 18 km Railway and an associated Bridge structure across the Miass River near the town of Shchuch’ye Russia | Moscow, Russia and Shchuch’ye, Russia
    This project involved working on UK MoD projects that included the construction of a approximately 18 km Railway and an associated Bridge structure across the Miass River near the town of Shchuch’ye Russia. Specific responsibilities included the development of the Scope of Work, Contractor selection, development of a Project Management Plan (PMP), Client meetings and all Engineering oversight. Additionally, I was involved with the proposal preparations regarding the Catalytic Reactors and Non-Standard Equipment purchase for the Chemical Weapons Destruction Facility also in Shchuch’ye Russia.
  • Propellant Disposition Facility (PDF) | Pavlograd, Ukraine
    This project was involved with the transformation of solid fuel components to a more usable form of explosive. Additionally, worked on proposals in the acquisition of new projects such as the SS-N-23 Missile Disassembly Project. Awarded this project and served as the Project Manager in Krasnoyarsk Russia. This project involved the Transportation, Defueling, Neutralization and Disassembly of (24) Submarine Launched Ballistic Missiles (SLBM). The project was being worked for the United States Government under the START 1Treaty and involved the oversight of local contractors during these processes. This project was completed under budget and ahead of schedule and additionally received the company’s highest ratings from the US Government for 2004.
  • Ford Motor Company | Hermosillo Mexico
    This project consisted of building additional bays in the paint shop area of the existing assembly. Our contract was to oversee the entire subcontractor.


  • General Motors Powertrain Pontiac Administration Building Renovation
  • Ford Motor Cleveland Engine Plant
  • Chrysler Corporation Mack Ave Engine Plant
  • Ford Motor Company Wixom Plant
  • General Motor Linden New Jersey 325 – Crew Cab Addition
  • General Motors Powertrain Flint Engine South L-6
  • Ford Motor Hermosillo, Mexico Assembly Plant Paint Shop Modifications
  • Toyota Blue Springs Mississippi – Assembly Plant


  • Charles Drew Middle School
  • St. Leo K-12 School
  • Appian Way Elementary and Middle School

Heavy Construction

  • Michigan Department of Transportation Bridge Division
    Scope of Work was to resurface roads and bridges, paint bridges, repair or replace barrier walls on the highways throughout the State of Michigan.
  • Ohio Department of Transportation Bridge Division
    Scope of Work included building a 5 mile bridge over the Cuyahoga River in Garfield Height, Ohio and 25 miles of roads.
  • California Mass Transit Authority
    Scope of Work was to construct an Underground Subway System for 15 miles and to build 4 Stations for Pickup and/or Drop-off of customers.
  • CalTrans Department of Transportation Division
    Scope of Work was to construct a Dam in the Lower Otay Reservation. This project was located in the United States and in Mexico.


  • State of Illinois Capital Development Board
  • Maine Department of Correctional Facilities
  • Dismantling and Decommissioning of Nuclear Missiles (CTR)


  • Wayne County Metropolitan Airport Northwest Airline
    Scope of Work included the following; build (2) new runways and the resurfacing of areas. Also, the renovation of the baggage claim area.
  • Myrtle Beach International Airport
    Scope of Work Included the following: Building finished package, Framing, Drywall and Ceiling installation.

Public Works

  • Brush Park Community Development
  • Du Pont Research and Development Laboratory


  • Veteran Administrative Hospital
  • William Beaumont Hospital
  • MUSC Childrens Hospital and Womens Pavilion
  • MUSC Ashley River Tower – Curtain Wall Air Infiltration

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